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Golf Tournament 2020 - 11 September 2020

This year our Golf Tournament is looking bigger and better than ever with the venue booked, and we are hoping to have a record turnout. 

As always this event will be a feature on our fundraising calendar, so local support is essential and we appreciate the regular supporters in our corner. 

If you would like to register a team please complete the submission form below.

If you have prizes to donate click here:


or for more information, please contact Melanie:

06 651 8804    or    admin@dementiahb.org.nz

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Still Me campaign

'Still Me' campaign, support dementia awareness in September - see the person, not the dementia. Get involved and start a conversation, let’s tackle this together.

How can you support Dementia Awareness Month in September?
Buy a Still Me T Shirt - https://thepopupboutique.co.nz/still-me-products-for-good/
Add the Still Me frame to your Facebook profile
Sign up to host a Still Me Get Together or DONATE at www.stillmegettogether.com
Buy a badge from any Westpac branch
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