"The lives of people living with dementia in Aotearoa New Zealand matter - they have the same rights, privileges and obligations as everyone else. Aotearoa New Zealand needs to support people living with dementia to be respected and valued, to exercise their rights to contribute to and participate in their communities and families, and to get the help and support they need."

Frontaltemporal Disease

What is the Mate Wareware Action Plan?

The Mate Wareware Action Plan result from a collaboration between those living with Dementia Mate Wareware and their whānau, Dementia New Zealand, Alzheimers NZ and the New Zealand Dementia Cooperative.

In Aotearoa New Zealand, those living with Dementia are among the most vulnerable within society and some do not have access to adequate support, information and care. 

The vision set out for this plan is "An Aotearoa New Zealand in which dementia is prevented as much as possible; and where people living with dementia, their whānau/families and care partners receive the support they need to live their best possible lives, with autonomy, meaning and dignity."


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