Remember December 2020

What if Santa forgot Christmas?

In New Zealand, nearly two thirds of adult New Zealanders have some personal experience with dementia, so chances are, it could even happen to Santa! With millions of children to remember, reindeer to command, and an entire globe to navigate in one night – it’s a big job for the man who is eagerly awaited by many around the world.
But what if Santa did develop Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia? He might drop the wrong presents to the wrong homes, he could get a child’s name wrong on the Christmas tag, he could get lost over the Pacific Ocean – gosh, he could forget Christmas altogether.
This month, Dementia New Zealand has launched a new website asking the question “What if Santa forgot Christmas?” as part of an effort to encourage Kiwis to take time over the holiday period to look out for early warning signs of dementia in those they care about.

Read the entire article from Scoop here: https://www.scoop.co.nz/storie...

To find out more about Dementia New Zealand’s Remember December campaign visit rememberdecember.nz.
Anyone concerned about changes in memory or dementia are encouraged to get in touch with their GP, health professional or call Dementia New Zealand’s helpline on 0800 433 636.

Remember December 2020 campaign launch article

Thank you Jessica and family for letting us share a glimpse of the special Christmas traditions that you share with your nana Nofo, and for having the courage to tell your story.
If you are worried about someone in your family check out http://bit.ly/2J9lj2I


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